By Boris Berlin


By Boris Berlin

In designing the Monolite table series, Boris Berlin took inspiration from monoliths, large, slab-like sculptures carved from a single rock. Similarly pure in form, the Monolite has a self-bearing tabletop—no supporting frame necessary. Matte coating in a single color reinforces the monolithic character. Monolite is available in various sizes and colors. With so many options, there is a Monolite for every conference room, office or dining room.

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Materials: Composite board, aluminum and Fenix or Pfleiderer

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As referenced in the second part of its name, the Monolite is remarkably lightweight. However, like the monoliths, it is also exceptionally strong and sturdy. The self-bearing top supports heavy weight, even at its center. And the four feet are firmly planted on the floor, aided by a hidden adjustable foot on each leg.

Artful Utility

“A table is not an easy object to design. It is demanding from a construction standpoint and is also sculpturally challenging. How can it achieve a unique identity without sacrificing simplicity?”

–Boris Berlin

Many Options

Choose an oval, round, rectangle, or triangle top, and then opt from our color palette. There are also many possible lengths and two available heights (74 cm and 110 cm). With such variety, there is a Monolite for every conference space, office, and dining room.

Power Stance

The legs slightly extend out from the table. The wide stance helps with stability. We humans assume a similar position when we stand on a train, a surfboard, or the deck of a ship. We stay centered, balanced.

Choose your finish

Monolite is available with a lightweight honeycomb top finished with Pfleiderer or Fenix laminate. What is the difference? Opting for Pfleiderer is a commonly chosen option, and the finish of this laminate is matte and solid. Fenix, on the other hand, is a more advanced and slightly more expensive finish. The innovative laminate boasts a stylish and extremely matte appearance, an anti-fingerprint layer, and self-healing capabilities. Thanks to nanotechnology, you can easily polish away minor scratches.

Boris Berlin

Boris Berlin has won several design awards, and his work can be found in museums such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York, Designmuseum Denmark, Die Neue Sammlung in Munich, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, and the Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein. 

Full specs

Materials: Composite board, aluminum and Fenix or Pfleiderer

Designer: Boris Berlin

Delivery time (in weeks): 10