By Geckeler Michels


By Geckeler Michels

Everyone can use more storage, whether at home, at work or in a retail environment. But who wants to spend hours putting together a shelf? Ossa offers maximum flexibility for minimum effort. The bottom of each module snaps to the top of another. No tools necessary. The dimensions accommodate books, vinyl records, file folders, or display objects. Stack several layers against a wall or leave them freestanding to create a room divider. The back is as gorgeous as the front.

  • Design that delights the eye
  • Unique craftsmanship
  • Free shipping in Europe

Materials: powder coated steel

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When more is more

Our Ossa storage module is wonderful on its own, but even better when you customize it. Add a door. Top with a cork element to make the module into a comfortable seat. Use the leather inlay to showcase a treasured object. Firmly connect two modules with a metal clip. Mix and match. The possibilities are endless.

Hands On

The inspiration for Ossa was a folded cardboard moving box. Ossa is also produced by folding, but it is made of durable steel instead of cardboard. It is robust and long lasting. The cutouts on the side, also a nod to the moving box, make the Ossa easy to carry and lift.

Practical Whimsy

Ossa is named for a street in Berlin, hometown of designers Geckeler and Michels. The storage module has a distinctly Berlin vibe—playfulness combined with thoughtful functionality. For example, the top of each Ossa has raised sides, so it can hold folders or knickknacks. It is a striking visual element that has a real purpose.