Marie Gon: First owner of a Lloyd table

Lloyd and love at first sight.
Marie-Gon is a renowned Dutch interior designer, stylist and design educator with clients like Histor, Landal Green Parks and VT Wonen & Designbeurs. She has styled shoots for numerous magazines, contributes to design journals and blogs, and is a sought-after speaker. She is also a fan of Functionals since the very beginning.

She spotted the Lloyd Table at a design fair in Amsterdam. It was love at first sight. Marie-Gon immediately knew that she wanted it in her own home as her dining table. With her purchase, she became the very first owner of a Functionals’ Lloyd table.

When asked what she likes about the Lloyd, Marie-Gon lists many attributes. She loves its form, especially the shape of the legs, and thinks that, “the size is perfect—not too wide. Everyone is closer together. “ She also appreciates that it is made of metal, “surprising…and also sturdy. It’s just a really special table.”

The Lloyd remains a feature piece in Marie-Gon’s home. “It still looks great,” she says. “It’s very durable.” She has gone on to recommend the Lloyd Table to many clients, both the indoor and outdoor versions.

She finds the table works well with her design approach. “I love to play with color and space to maximize the power of a room,” she says. “But I also make sure that the design fits well with the customers’ needs and desires.” She feels that the Lloyd Table has an elegant simplicity that complements a range of styles, and can pull together many different elements. “The metal looks so good with wooden furniture or with older pieces.” At the same time, its unexpected touches and material choice “give a room the element of surprise, a ‘wink’ as you enter the space.”

Marie-Gon continues to follow Functionals and our growing catalogue of products, visiting with us at design and furniture fairs. “I think Functionals is a very relaxed and positive company, with fresh ideas!”

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