Peter Kersten

Supporter of Dutch Design, Friend of Functionals
Peter Kersten is a Functionals customer. He also happens to be one of the most influential advocates for Dutch design.

Kersten is an honorary member of and ambassador for the BNO (the Association of Dutch Designers), and previously served as the organization’s president. Before his involvement with the BNO, Kersten was the general manager of brand and design management for Canon, Inc. and also spent four years as an account director for a multi-disciplinary design firm.

During Kersten’s tenure as BNO president, he attended a lecture where he met Functionals founder Simon van Esch. Flash forward a few months later. Kersten was in the middle of renovating his home, a historic canal house in Amsterdam. While browsing one of Amsterdam’s design boutiques for new furniture, he spotted the Lloyd table and liked it. When he saw that it was a Functionals product, he remembered his encounter with van Esch and contacted us.

After visiting our showroom, Kersten ultimately decided on the Lloyd table in rust for his dining area and paired it with the Luftshiff overhead lamp.

So why did the Lloyd table catch his eye? He thought the material choice of metal was unusual, the form of the legs “beautiful and simple,” and the tabletop was “not too wide, making it more intimate.” He chose the rust color because it provided a pleasing counterpoint to the blue paint scheme that he had already selected.

Kersten says that the powder-coated finish of the Lloyd has made it last well (“no scratches!”) and that his guests “always ask about” the Luftshiff (“it really looks like it is floating in the air”).

Overall, Kersten feels that Functionals suits his aesthetic, which he describes as “tasteful avant-garde” and a “little eclectic.” Drawing upon his familiarity with the design world, he also felt that Functionals is a good investment, explaining that, “the prices are fair for the design quality and craftsmanship.”

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