By Chris Slutter


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Material: powder coated aluminum
Size: 10.4 x 5.7 x 9.1 inch

BOLDER vase and wine cooler

If you have been to a working harbor, the Bolder may look familiar. Designer Chris Slutter's inspiration was a mooring bollard. (“Bolder” is the Dutch word for bollard.) While a real bollard secures a ship in the waters of a port, water goes inside the Bolder when it is used as vase. Or fill the Bolder with ice to chill a bottle of wine.

Design philosophy

Keep Cool

The Bolder is made of aluminum, a metal known for its conductivity – it quickly turns the temperature of its surroundings. When you put ice in the Bolder, the metal chills rapidly – it’s the ideal wine cooler.

Inspired by the Journey

For designer Chris Slutter, the finished product is only half the story. The way it is made is important to him as well. “I am intrigued by the process,” he says. “How the thing was made and how it works.”