By Mia & Ehlén


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Material: Glass
Size: 5.3 x 13.6 inch

BOWL bowl

Mia Lagerman and Ehlén Johansson's sculptural bowl is both functional and fantastic. A glass sphere nestled inside a glass ring, Bowl seems to hover above the surface of the table. The design began as a meditation on physics. How can a sphere balance on a flat surface? The end result is something that seemingly defies physics and instead moves into the realm of the magical.

Design philosophy

Fun to Fill, Easy to Carry

Pile an orchard’s worth of fruit or an armful of flowers into Bowl and you will still be able to transport it with no problem. The sloping sides fit Bowl snugly into your hands and the hollow underside keeps it from getting too heavy.


A Fruitful Partnership

Mia Lagerman and Ehlén Johansson maintain their own practices, but have collaborated on a diverse array of products: from lighting to dishware. "How do you solve a challenge?” asks Lagerman. “Just open your eyes and reflect.”