Twist Petit

By Thomas Schnur


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Material: Powder-coated steel
Size: 15.7 x 15.7 x 23.6 inch

Small But Mighty

The Twist table’s charming little sister is versatile piece for home or office. The Twist Petit works well in any room, the perfect surface for a lamp, a plant, framed photos, a good book, or other treasures. What makes Petit outstanding is its gorgeous twisted metal base, a technique that makes the table sturdy and stable.

Design philosophy

The Poetry of Physics

Twist’s bends may look simple, but getting the right rotation took time … and an understanding of physics. We experimented with different metals, different widths of metal, and different degrees of torque before we found the perfect twist.

Twist’s Origins

It all started with a long train ride. As a way of passing the time, designer Thomas Schnur began playing with a strip of paper. After experimenting with various bends, turns, and coils, he considered applying the same principles to metal. His immediately thought of using the technique for a clothes hanger, but the design evolved to the base of table. Twist had taken shape.