By Karel Martens


By Karel Martens

Dutch designer Karel Martens initially created this table in 1995 for his students at the Werkplaats Typografie master’s program at the ArtEZ University of the Arts. Now, the table is available for the public for the first time. The clever construction gives WT-Table - named after the Werkplaats Typografie - an architectural appearance. But it’s also elegantly simple, strong, and sturdy. Dimensioned to invite lively discussions or long dinners. Perfect for any office, meeting space, or dining room.

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The WT-Table comes in two different sizes: 200 x 90 cm or 230 x 100 cm. And choose from a range of color and material options. The steel frame is available in black, off-white, and rust, while the laminate top comes in white or black. The edges of the white top can be white or plywood. The edges of the black top are either black or plywood. 

Unexpected Twist

The WT frame has a clever, twisted construction. The joins extend beyond the corners and are shaped a bit like a pinwheel. Giving the table a dynamic appearance.

Defying Gravity

It’s magic! The laminate top seems to float above the steel frame.

About Karel Martens

Graphic designer Karel Martens (1939) specializes in typography. His extensive body of work includes the design of countless books and covers, as well as stamps, telephone cards, coins and the lettering of buildings. In 1998 Martens founded the Werkplaats Typografie, a master's program in graphic design at ArtEZ University of the Arts in Arnhem. He has also been a guest lecturer at Yale University School of Art's prestigious Graphic Design program since 2009.

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Designer: Karel Martens

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